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Troy Johnson started a website on black books — and that’s when his real lessons began | Bay State Banner

The ESSENCE Brand—Where Black Women Come First—NOT!

Obviously Essence, despite their flowery rhetoric of uplifting Black women, will not do it—it is up to you and I.

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By 2034 95% of Americans Will be Obese or Overweight

The first step is education. Please share this information and visit the Fed Up movie website to learn more.

Community Cop - conscious TV programming on #MNNheartsmedia eNewsletter – March 26th 2014 – Issue #212

The new eNewsletter is out, recapping some of the most popular content from the past month:

Why Every Black Woman Should Marry a Jewish Man - Book Review

"First of all, you don’t have to worry that he might be on the down-low, because Jewish culture isn’t homophobic. Secondly, Jewish men generally graduate from college, and they aren’t looking for someone to support them. "

Get On Up – A New James Brown Movie Coming!

A new James Brown movie is coming in August 2014! Also check out James Brown’s documentary and his biographies.